SSHL/SSLH Tunnel Premium Mod

1.0 build 33 ndk 23.1.7779620

A simple VPN app that can tunnel SSH via DNS, SSL, HTTP, and SOCKS proxies.
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John Vincent Diaz
June 5, 2022
1.0 build 33 ndk 23.1.7779620
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SSHL/SSLH Tunnel Premium Mod

SSHL/SSLH is a VPN app that can tunnel SSH via DNS, SSL, HTTP, and SOCKS Proxies. This app lets you send customized HTTP Request Message to the server.

What are the advantages on using this app?
1. Minimalistic, no exaggerations
2. Low RAM usage.
3. Low Battery usage.
4. File size is under 1 mb


Connected but cannot browse?
You can try to remove DNS from route by un-toggling include_dns.

DNS Leaking?
Un-toggling include_dns will prevent DNS leaks.


SLASH = “/” is a delimiter of [Address] = IP Address
[Length] = Prefix Length
SPACE = “ ” is a delimiter of routes.


HTTP Message Generator Syntax

[request_line] = CONNECT[sp][request_uri][sp]HTTP/1.0[crlf][crlf]
[request_uri] = [userfinfo]@[authority]
[userfinfo] = [http_username][c][http_password]
[authority] = [host][c][port]
[http_username] = http proxy username
[http_password] = http proxy password
[host] = ssh remote host
[port] = ssh remote port
[crlf] = Carriage Return (US-ASCII 13, \r) Line Feed (US-ASCII 10, \n)
[lf] = Line Feed (US-ASCII 10, \n)
[cr] = Carriage Return (US-ASCII 13, \r)

[ff] = Form Feed (FF) character (0x0C, \f)

[sp] = US-ASCII SP, space character (32)

[c] = Colon (US-ASCII 58, :)

[eol] = (End of Line) Carriage Return (US-ASCII 13, \r) Line Feed (US-ASCII 10, \n)

String Split and Collection – Manipulation
[shuffle] = works by randomly permuting the specified list elements.
[reverse] = It reverses the order of elements in a list passed as an argument.
[rotate] = is used to rotate the elements present in the specified list of Collection by a given distance.
[split] = is used for splitting a String into its substrings based on the given delimiter or regular expression.
[delay_split] = is used for splitting a string which is delayed by a Thread (1000ms * number of delimiter).
[“”] = do nothing.

The two Generator Buttons
Traditional (left), and the Simplified (right).
Those buttons will assist you in creating customized HTTP Request Message to the server, examples are given by tapping the dropdown arrows in the text fields.

NB: When using HTTP Proxy with username and password, a Proxy-Authorization Request Header will be generated automatically after tapping the Generate button.”


Export Options:
– “show_*” (toggle to allow recipients to show all crucial information from config file)
– “lock_type” locks the proxy type.
– “lock_ports” locks the ports.
– “file_name” the file name of the config.
– “expiry” the expiry date of the config.
– “notes” (deliver notes/messages to recipient “html tags is supported”)
– “allow_root” (toggle to allow root device to use the config) hence, app will reject the config.
– “hardware_id” (insert allowed hardware ID/s to use your config file)

A SSH Server that supports UDP Forwarding/UDPGW can make audio and video calls. The clients’ UDPGW default Port is set to 7300.

This app isn’t perfect. So, for bugs and suggestions please do report here in the Telegram Channel

SSHL/SSLH Tunnel is powered by:
1. Connect Bot’s sshlib
2. badvpn – tun2socks

All rights reserved.


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