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With Payday are able to pay out your earnings instantly.
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March 26, 2023
Irrawaddy Dolphin (1.72.121)
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Payday Unlocked Apk

Disclaimer: Payday is available for freelancers and flexworkers who work through labour platforms that are partners of Payday. Contact your platform to ask if yours has an integration.

With Payday, you are in control of your income! The Payday Wallet provides instant access to freelance or flexworker earnings coming from labour platforms that have integrated Payday. Depending on your labour platform, your earnings are visible and available for instant pay-out via the Payday application either after submission of your hours or after approval of these hours. You then decide when you want to receive your earnings from your platform in your bank account. Simple as that!

Direct access to earnings: You determine your Payday!

The Payday application enables you to better manage your income and finances. Payday visualizes your outstanding invoices or payslip-periods and offers instant payment, instead of having to wait for weeks to receive your earnings. Payday enables you to early pay-out your income, instantly and whenever you like! When you decide to take the money out early, transaction costs may apply depending on your platform. You will then see a detailed calculation of the actual amount you will receive in your bank account.

Freelancer Wallet & Flexworker Wallet

Are you a freelancer? Then you will receive a notification in the Payday app as soon as your invoice is submitted and approved. From then on, the invoice can be paid early until the due date; from the due date the invoice will be released for regular payment.

Are you a flexworker/temporary worker? Then you will receive a notification in the Payday app when your hours have been approved. From that point on, you can pay-out a portion of the income (percentage is decided by your platform). To reflect the correct final earnings, potential earning amendments can be made by your platform throughout the pay period. A net settlement will take place at the end of the pay period once your final net earnings are known. Any unpaid earnings are paid out automatically. Thus, you will never receive your income later than you are used to. Your platform will keep you fully informed throughout this process, by notifying you of any incoming, amended, and final earnings.

Clear income overview

Besides outstanding earnings available for pay-out, the app also shows your income history. The details of your invoices or pay periods (including transactions) are securely* and clearly visualized in the Payday application. Everything in one place!

Onboarding process

Your platform will provide you with a link to download this application, as well as your unique ID. With that unique ID you can create your account and link your platform to the Payday app. From that moment onwards, your eligible earnings will be shown and made available for instant pay-out in the Payday Wallet.

FAQ: Will it be mandatory to choose (and pay) for Instant Payment?

No, it’s up to you. Your income will be available for early pay-out and in some cases, depending on your platform, transaction costs might be applied by your platform. Early pay-out is always voluntary! Payday just wants to give you the control over your earnings as soon as possible.

FAQ: Do I need to be customer by ABN AMRO?

You do not need to have an ABN AMRO bank account to be able to make use of this application. Payday can pay-out to all European bank accounts.

Contact your platform for more information regarding Payday’s services or send an email to [email protected].

Payday is an initiative by ABN AMRO. Designed by Group Innovation and available for download since Spring 2022. Payday makes working life of flexworkers and freelancers more enjoyable, by providing control of their earnings.

*Payday is safe and secure as the application meets the strict safety requirements of ABN AMRO. Do you want to know more about how Payday handles your personal data, please read the privacy statement.


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