Orb Hunt – Free Underwater Sna Premium Mod


✨🔵 Swim – Dodge – Collect! Got what it takes to complete the Mission? 🔵✨
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Deavio Games
March 15, 2021
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Orb Hunt – Free Underwater Sna Premium Mod

Navigate your way through the ocean depths to complete various missions. All while trying not to lose the precious string of Orbs that keep growing like a snake! Luckily matching Orbs stack up-to 2 times to save space. The more Orbs you get to the vacuum tube beyond the obstacles, the bigger the rewards. 🌊

Play this game completely free with only rewarded ads!

The game can be played offline.


⏳ Power-Up’s – Capsules, Slow-Mo’s & Extra Orbs! These Power-Up’s will help you get through some tricky situations and make it easier to carry a load of Orbs to the end, or help you survive the tougher obstacles!

⭐ Missions – Collect, Find, Escort. Collect the required number of Orbs, Search for the very valuable Special Resource Orb or escort the VIP critter to safety.

🔥 Events – Survive a random special Event and earn more coins! These Events require extra concentration and fast reflexes.

🏋 Upgrades – Collect Upgrade Orbs scattered around. Certain specs of your Characters and their Power-Up’s can be enhanced. Like: Swimming faster; Coin boosts; Starting with extra Power-Up’s; Being able to take more bumps from obstacles; etc.

🐧 Custom – Choose to play from a collection of interesting Characters you unlock as you level up, which can be bought in the Shop.

🤩 Shop – Grab a new Character, stock up on Power-Up’s or Buy Boosts to increase your Rewards, and more.

💰 Daily Reward – Receive a Bag of coins every day if you complete just one Mission.

🎁 Chests – These can either be bought in the Shop or earned by completing a number of Levels. You might even find a random one every now and then! They could contain things like Coins, Power-Up’s, or Boosts. Yay!


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