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Kila: Rapunzel - a story book from Kila
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October 11, 2020
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Kila: Rapunzel New Mod Apk

Kila: Rapunzel – a story book from Kila

Kila offers fun story books to stimulate the love of reading. Kila’s story books help kids to enjoy reading and learning with a plentiful amount of fables and fairy tales.

There once lived a man and his wife who had a daughter named Rapunzel.

The back of their house was a beautiful garden full of the finest vegetables and flowers. No one ventured into it, for it belonged to a powerful witch.

One day, the man went into the garden and tried to pick a handful of rampion for his wife. The witch spotted him with angry eyes and wanted to kill him.

When the man asked to be spared, the witch said, “You may have the rampion, but your child must be given to me.” Then she took the baby away with her.

Rapunzel had beautiful long hair which shone like gold. The witch shut her up in a tower in the midst of a wood. When the witch wished to be let into the tower, Rapunzel would let her hair down, and the witch would climb up by it.

After they had lived this way for a few years, it happened that as the King’s son was riding near the tower and he heard Rapunzel’s voice singing so sweetly, he stood still and listened.

The prince wished to go to her, but he found no door to the tower. So he waited and saw how the witch climbed up with Rapunzel’s long hair. He said to himself, “Since that is the ladder I will climb it, and seek my fortune.”

And the next day, as soon as it began to turn to dusk, he went to the tower and did the same as the witch.

Rapunzel was greatly terrified because she had never seen a man before; but the King’s son began speaking kindly to her.

Then Rapunzel forgot her terror and when he asked her to take him for her husband, she agreed. They decided that he should come to visit her every evening, as the old witch came during the day-time.

One day, the witch saw everything.

So, she cut Rapunzel’s hair and put her in a place in the desert, where she lived in great woe and misery.

The same day that the witch took Rapunzel away, she went back to the tower in the evening and waited for the prince. When the time came, she let the hair down, and he climbed up it.

Then she put an evil spell on him which took away his sight. Completely blind, he ran through the wood and wept for the loss of his dearest love.

After many years, he came to the desert place where Rapunzel lived.

Rapunzel saw him and wept. When her tears touched his eyes they became clear again, and he could see with them as well as ever.

We hope you enjoy this book. If there are any problems please contact us at [email protected]


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