Gomoku Champion (5 in a Row) Unlocked Apk


Gomoku, the classic game from Asia. Play with human or machine opponents.
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March 17, 2023
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Gomoku Champion (5 in a Row) Unlocked Apk

Gomoku is a classic traditional board game, which is also known as “Five in a Row” or “Pegity.” The strategy board game originated in Japan over a century ago, and it’s quite popular in Asia.

The two-player game is played on a board consisting of intersecting, equally spaced grids. Each player takes turn to place “stones” into the grid intersections. To win the game, the player must line up five stones in a row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).

It may sound easy and indeed, the rule is very simple to understand, you should be able to jump into the game in no time. However, don’t underestimate the strategy required to win the challenging computer opponent. It’s quite a challenge to win against a formidable opponent because the rule is so simple, it’s not hard to spot near-win conditions and block your opponent from reaching five-in-a-row. This can also work against you because the computer can easily see when you’re closing a position.

Gomoku requires 2 players and with this app you can play against the machine AI (Artificial Intelligence). There are 4 levels of AI difficulty levels. Newcomer should begin with the lowest difficulty level, to familiarize with the rule of the game, then work their way up to the higher difficulties. Alternatively, you can play with a friend, taking turns to place the stones.

The app comes with a Leaderboard feature with computer opponents ranked against their Gomoku skills. Challenging and beat all the opponents! Reach the top of the leaderboard!

The game comes with several beautiful boards and stone pieces sets. Chose the theme you like before starting a game, or you can even swap them in the middle of the game from within the Option screen.

Summary Of Features
– Gomoku game for 1-player and 2-players. Human vs Computer with multiple difficulty to select from. Or play with a friend in the Human vs Human mode.
– Adjustable opponent A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) strength, from easy to hard.
– Several theme to select from, providing visual variety, and allowing user to customize the game based on preference.
– Leaderboad screen keeps track of the number of plays, winnings, losing.
– Climb the Leaderboard and beat all the virtual A.I. Be the top Gomoku player.
– Choice of board dimensions.
– Undo and restart options.
– The game has been visually optimized to look good on phones and tablets.


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