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Read Mandarin at any level - effortlessly.
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November 30, 2022
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Du Chinese – Read Mandarin 中文 Premium Apk

Easily Read and Listen to Chinese

Read Chinese the way it is used in real life situations, written and recorded by native speakers with professional English translations and synchronized audio. Pinyin, HSK marks, and translations are available with just a tap.

Whatever level you are, you can start reading. Du Chinese contains Mandarin lessons of difficulties ranging from HSK 1-6, with new lessons that are added daily. The lessons cover topics like everyday life in China, funny stories, business, and the latest trends in China.

Du Chinese is a graded reader that provides extensive reading practice to all levels of Chinese language learners. Whether a beginner or a master, you will find articles and short stories that will match your level and improve your Chinese.

• Simplified and Traditional Chinese
• Markings to indicate HSK level, pinyin and tones
• Recommended lessons based on your reading history
• Native Chinese voice recordings synchronized with the text
• Sentence translations and context-dependent word translations
• Save and review words using an intuitive flashcard system
• New lessons every weekday
• Pleco dictionary integration
• Progress Monitoring

Practice your reading, listening, speaking, and writing all with one app.
• Reliable, Engaging, and Quality Content for you to master Chinese
• Read and repeat with native Chinese audio to master your tones
• Summarize and rewrite stories to practice writing characters
• Memorize characters and new words/vocabulary with flashcards

Download the Du Chinese app and start reading today!

Beginner Chinese learners can start from ni hao and work their way up through our beginner courses that will take them through HSK 1. Start off with pinyin and hide it when you’re ready to learn traditional or simplified characters.

Intermediate Chinese learners from HSK 3 and up can begin reading more elaborate stories while learning to use Chinese grammar in context. Hide pinyin or use difficult words only to show pinyin for all words above your level.

Advanced Chinese learners HSK 5 and above will enjoy our short stories adapted from Chinese folktales and our collections on the Tang Dynasty, Han Dynasty and more!

Read Chinese at your Level
Du Chinese makes it easy to find appropriate reading content and gives you all the tools you need to become a master at reading, listening, speaking and writing in Chinese. Whether it’s our beginner Chinese courses about life in China, advanced Chinese stories about Chinese history, or snippets of daily conversation, you can find material from HSK 1-6 to improve your Chinese! When you stumble on a word you can check our Chinese dictionary with translations or jump to Pleco and see the definition there.
Save Time
With just a tap the Du Chinese app will let you see pinyin, translations, listen to professional audio and see definitions. Our integrations with other apps let you pull up definitions from Pleco or LINE and save words to flashcard lists in Skritter or Hack Chinese.
Improve Your Tones
One of the hardest parts of learning mandarin is mastering tones and it can be especially difficult when you’re trying to mimic a robot! That’s why we have professional recordings by native speakers for every lesson. So when you say hello in Chinese, people will understand your 你好.
Expand Your Vocabulary
By learning Chinese as you read, you’ll pick up on the most useful words naturally. When you come across new words, save it to your vocab list to study within Du Chinese or sync it with Skritter or Hack Chinese.
Learn Chinese for Free
Before subscribing to all the lessons you can access our free lessons that are updated every week. We have thousands of users that study for free and upgrade when they’re ready to take their Chinese to the next level.

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