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DOSI Vault is a non-custodial wallet that users can directly manage and use.
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March 17, 2023
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DOSI Vault Premium Mod

Blockchain Wallet for All – DOSI Vault

1. A non-custodial wallet* which users can store and use directly
DOSI Vault is the first non-custodial wallet that supports LINK.
The private key is encrypted and stored safely on the user’s computer, and the user can directly store and use the asset.

We plan to support LINK, LINE’s base cryptocurrency, at launch and add multiple tokens from LINE’s new public mainnet* in the future.

※ A non-custodial wallet means a wallet that individuals have full control of. Users have full control over their private keys and assets.
※ Mainnet refers to an independent blockchain platform, protocol, or network.

2. A user-friendly wallet that supports Google sign-in
DOSI Vault supports Google login as well as Mnemonic phrase during the wallet creation process.

This allows users who are unfamiliar with blockchain or Web3 to easily create accounts without mnemonic settings through Google Login.

3. A wallet with fast transactions that also saves on gas fees
DOSI Vault plans to use LINE’s new public mainnet, which will have a faster transaction speed with lower transaction costs (gas fees) than other major mainnets. When paying for LINK with DOSI Vault, the gas fee is $0.076 which is 98%* lower than Ethereum, and the transaction takes approximately 2 seconds, which is 400 times* faster than Ethereum.

※ Reduction of gas fee : This is a assumptive comparison of LINE blockchain’s expected general remittance gas fee of 0.003 LN (USD 0.076) and Ethereum gas fee of 0.004 ETH (USD 5, as of 22/12/7). Gas fees are subject to change depending on chain conditions and remittance type.

※ Reduction of transaction time: This is a comparison based on the new LINE public mainnet block confirmation time of 2 seconds and the Ethereum block confirmation time of 15 minutes, and is subject to change depending on the mainnet situation. In addition, the block size of LINE’s new public mainnet is about 21MB, which is 2.6 times larger than Ethereum’s 8MB, so more transactions can be processed at the same time.

4. Providing a wallet based on web and mobile app
Connect your DOSI Vault account to mobile application by just scanning the QR code.
All your digital assets in the browser account can be easily managed in your mobile device.

5. Buy NFTs with LINK more easy & quick
Buy NFTs* with LINK by connecting DOSI Vault through DOSI Wallet ‘payment’ feature in just 2-Steps.

※NFT : Non-Fungible Token


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