Crazy Desert Modded Apk

Quickly! Jump in the car and drive through the desert for deadly adventures!
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March 15, 2023
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Crazy Desert Modded Apk

Join a team of survivors in a mad post-apocalyptic world! Recruit new mercenaries, train them and become the commander of the most reckless squad in this post-apocalyptic open-world strategy RPG with the combat battle mechanics!

In this online game the Earth isn’t a nice place. One day an enormously vast solar flare reached the Earth, and it was the beginning of the end for our world. Electrical appliances came out of order, weather hazardously changed. Entire cities were destroyed in the coming chaos. You think it mightn’t be worse? Hah! Not all technologies were destroyed. Some of them got wired semblance of mind, and they don’t really like people! And icing on the cake: the US Army artificial intelligence has launched hundreds of missiles all over the world! This is it: welcome to the craziest world possible!

The old world lies in ruins, but giving up is not your style. Together with your squad you will explore the wasteland, build shelters for survivors, gather resources, fight enemies, and finally create an entirely new world. Do your best to conquer the Wasteland! And one day it will prove to be a new home for humankind.

The Wasteland is a dangerous place, but you don’t have to go alone. Your squad isn’t just temporary allies, they are your friends. Equip them with items that you found, craft new weapons, train their strengths and weaknesses. But remember that you are the commander, and one day the RPG system might force you to make tough decisions.

Mad Road Survival is an online open-world adventure RPG. You explore the wasteland with your 4-men team, complete missions, earn items and craft weapons. Visit various locations to meet new characters and find allies (but be careful! not all people in post-apocalyptic world are nice and friendly). And remember that it is a survival game, and staying alive here is a challenge! Don’t forget to lvl-up yourself and your team, craft new epic weapons and armour and keep your equipment up to date.

Quickly! Jump in the car and drive through the desert for deadly adventures!

Game features:

Huge open world with beautifully designed locations. Developers made wastelands with love for classic post-apocalyptic games & movies and paid great attention to details.

Challenging turn-based combats that allows the player to use unique tactics. Crash enemies baldheaded or use their weaknesses to destroy them one by one. It’s your turn!

Truly diversed gameplay. Various classes, dozens of parameters, different weapons and no limits. It’s up to the player to build a team only of reckless warriors or balance it with medics.

City Management. Even the bravest survivors sometimes need a rest. The player will build a shelter, develop and upgrade it. The shelter can hire new mercenaries, train them, and send them on missions.

Non-linear narrative. Wastelands are filled with stories. One of them can be fun, others turn out to be dramatic. But even the smallest decision may have consequences, and it’s up to the player to build a new safe world or to make wasteland even more inhospitable place.


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