Baby Earth : Save the Planet Unlocked Mod


It is time for us to save our world, lets help the planet before it is too late.
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January 7, 2020
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Baby Earth : Save the Planet Unlocked Mod

Saving the planet, baby earth is in our hands. We must do something today!

This is an educational game for children and adults alike. It is time for us to save our world, lets help the planet before it is too late. There are floods, fires, pollution and more, lets help mother earth help us by us saving baby earth before it is too late.

The game was developed together with a team of occupational therapists and educators. You will practice the moments required to operate a mobile or tablet. DO NOT LET KIDS PLAY MORE THAN “$ MINUTES PER DAY! Too much screen time is bad for us all but especially for our loved children.

On each continent you will have a different disaster to stop in order to save planet baby earth.

North America :

Problem : pollution
Aim : Wiping (working on the wiping/swiping movement)
You are standing In-front of a city and you need to wipe away the pollution from the cars, etc.
The darker the pollution the more you need to wipe
Lets save the city before time is up.

Australia :

Problem : the ozone layer is getting thinner and thinner and the strong sun rays are breaking through
Aim : practice your wiping motion
You must save the ozone layer before it tears. You need to reaper the ozone by wiping it. Save the kangaroos and all the other animal.

Africa :

Problem : The drought
Aim : wiping and clicking motion
You need to wipe the water in the ocean and then it will move into the clouds. Place the clouds above the dry water holes and let the animals drink. Time is running out, save Africa now!

Asia :

Problem : water pollution
Aim : guiding motion
Guide the fish and move the garbage from the rivers. If a fish cannot swim then help him by moving the pollution out of its way. Save the water, stop the pollution!

Europe :

Problem : Flooding / rising water levels
Aim : Swiping motion
The waters of the rivers are flooding the cities and villages of Europe. Stop the floods by swapping on the water wherever it isn’t flowing in the river. Save the animals, people and fields before it is too late!

Antarctica/the Oceans :

Problem : over-fishing and pollution
Aim : up and down motion
You must guide the fish under boats and over icebergs. Make sure not to get stuck in a plastic bag or plastic cup.
Save the sea, save the fish, save the wildlife, Now!


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