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Learn English vocabulary * Easy & Fun * for kids 2-5 * Educational
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April 12, 2023
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300 English Words for Kids Unlocked Mod

Alef English learning app for kids is a free educational app that acts as an interactive English dictionary for kids. Alef developed the best platform to teach English to kids and it assists toddlers to learn 300 first English Words using pictures and sounds, plus fun English games with rewards. The Alef app is the best way to learn English for kids 🙂

Alef English for kids App consists of:

1. A VAST VOCABULARY of the most common English words for kids sectioned into categories like numbers, colors, foods, jobs, etc. Your child could go through the pictures and learn the words effortlessly without any parental assistance.

2. A MATCHING GAME that enables your child to actively engage with what they’re learning. The game helps children memorize words and their meanings by listening intently to narration and then needing to match it with the correct picture.

3. REWARD SYSTEM which recognizes your child’s learning process using external validation. Validations such as rewards on completion, vocal feedback, and most importantly documentation of their voyage of adapting whole new vocabulary.

*What are the benefits of the Alef English app for kids?*
First of all, it’s both educational and fun, and thanks to that learning English becomes easy for toddlers all around the world. Second, it allows you to learn English for free even though it has a premium look and feel. Basically, it´s a free English course for kids. And thirdly it involves English learning games that make it even more fun and easy. so to sum it up, the kids are having fun learning English while the parents can be assured they’re giving their child the top educational app and a chance to learn English while young. Best English app for kids aged 2-5.

*Why should you start now?*
Kindergarten kids, around the ages of 2-5 kids have the most adaptive mind, and if they start learning the English language while young they might easily become fluently bilingual. alef apps make it fun and easy for kids to learn a language. it has all 300 first English words and 10 minutes of English games.

*Why should your child learn English?*
English is the most spoken language in the world with over 2 billion English speakers, and that’s why it’s the most widely learned second language.
English is the official language of 53 countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, and an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, and many other world and regional international organizations. English is the international language of communication and is used for entertainment, commercial, and technical purposes. It’s the language of the internet, science, diplomacy, business, tourism, etc. So when your child knows English it Increases their job opportunities. Toddlers and Young children have the ability to learn English fast – now it’s the perfect time to start 🙂

Alef English vocabulary has 17 fun categories together forming the full English dictionary for kids with over 300 words:
Food vocabulary – bread, milk, salad, etc.
Animals vocabulary – lion, cat, parrot, etc.
Color vocabulary – brown, red, yellow, etc.
Family vocabulary – mother, father, brother, etc.
and many more English words.

Alef English Learning App was designed and developed for child-parent interactions, but its operations can be adapted independently by the child.

Alef educational apps are constantly working to provide you with a quality product from the best professionals at no cost.


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